This blog was made out of boredom and posts will probably ensue from the same. Justin Kay and Andrew Baer are two Western Washington University students splitting their time between Bellingham and Issaquah that listen to a lot of music.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Yeah

  2. We hope you had a fantastic weekend – We’re Travis + Julie, a Pop/Alternative Duo residing in Nashville, TN and we just wanted to say we LOVE your blog – thoroughly enjoyed it!!

    We also wanted to take a moment to tell you about our upcoming visit to the UK May 15 – 23, 2011. It’ll be a completely humbling experience, one in which we’ll embrace with all our hearts. We hope to meet you sometime!! If you’d like to mention us in your blog – feel free!! We’ll be stopping by The Troubadour, May 18th and Inspiral Cafe, May 19th, then to the Acoustic Festival of Britain that weekend at Uttoxeter Racecourse, Staffordshire.

    Our dream is to move to the UK to play our music, it’s time for us to experience new cultures – it’ll be a thrill being guests in your country. We hope you’ll have us!!

    Cheers to 2011!!

    Travis + Julie

    Represented by Cornwall Street Chambers Media Law Group
    Any legal questions/management inquiries may be answered by Nick Tarbitt at +441212337500

    • I hope this isn’t for real cause we live about as far away from the UK you can get, and there’s no way you “thoroughly enjoyed” our blog. That’s just bullshit. Good luck in the exotic UK!

      And by the way, we don’t like this.

    • I don’t usually spend much time listening to music that sounds like it could soundtrack a mid 90’s teen romantic comedy.

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