More or less the product of reviewing music I felt I had overlooked.

BibioMind Bokeh [Mind Bokeh is a disappointing release after Ambivalence Avenue. Bibio just tried to push his music in too many different directions in one album. That said, there is a handful of very good songs that are worth listening to if you are willing to dig a bit]

Sic AlpsDo You Want To Give $$? [I kind of glossed over Sic Alps earlier this year, but Napa Asylum is full of solid tracks that certainly showcase their Bay Area garage style.]

Crystal StiltsDeparture [Joy Division. Not even Joy Division-esque. Just Joy Division.]

HarlemCloud Pleaser [One of a dozen songs off of Hippies that I have intermittently chosen as my favorite. A fun, jangly song about being cheated on.]

Dan AuerbachWhispered Words (Pretty Lies) [Auerbach’s solo album came and went pretty silently in 2009, but, like most of the other songs in this list, it is full of a bunch of gems.]

Foxes in Fiction15 Ativan (For Erika) [… Atlas Sound…? No? … huh]

Solar BearsShe Was Coloured In [Slow, wonky, electro-infused psychedelia]

Neon CanyonLibra [Smartly constructed dream pop]

Supersilent10.8 [I like Supersilent just about as much as anyone can like experimental jazz with an ambient leaning. 10.8 marks the high point on 10, a standout track amongst the otherwise effortless fluidity of the album.]


~ by kayj4 on April 17, 2011.

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