crippling boredom jams, and other stuff I’ve been playing this week

Spring break is incredibly dull in Issaquah, and it leaves me nothing to do but surf the internet finding things. That and endlessly searching for a leak of the inevitably disappointing Tomboy.

Gravity– Jamie Woon

Capricornus– Austin Peralta

A Dream Of Water– Colin Stetson

White Rune– Ice Age

All You’ll Never Know– MatthewDavid

New Beat– Toro Y Moi

CMYK– James Blake

Talk Show Host– Radiohead

Die Die Die– The Avett Brothers

Tiger Eyes (Laid Back)– Peaking Lights

Marquee Moon– Television

Forest Dark– Mono/Poly (really his entire Manifestations EP, but this is the only song I could easily find on youtube.)

What You Need– The Weeknd

My favorite discoveries this week were Peaking Lights’ 936 and Mono/Poly’s Manifestations EP. Jamie Woon’s Mirrorwriting is good. I continue to listen to James Blake’s self titled LP and Radiohead’s King Of Limbs repeatedly. The video for Kaputt by Destroyer is fun.

The biggest disappointment this week was Belong’s new album, Common Era.

~ by Andrew Baer on March 25, 2011.

2 Responses to “crippling boredom jams, and other stuff I’ve been playing this week”

  1. I read this as boner jams first before I realized my mistake. I like boner jams more.

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