Days without school leave me without much to do. Therefore, I took a 90’s nostalgia trip.

The video for Backstreets Back doesn’t really make any sense, and the transition from Brian Litterel screaming over finding what looks like a dead cat in his bed leaves something to be desired. That and the ridiculously stereotypical black tour bus driver make the video. And the random girls that pop up. And the costumes.

More first wave boy band fun! Look at how much of a brooding badass Chris Kirkpatrick is! But you know, he may be hard on the outside with his bandannas and beanies, but he can also dance and just chill with his bros playin some guitar.

The humor in this comes from all of us knowing where she ends up a mere 5 years later.

The only guy who does anything in this band just died, which is how this whole video search of mine started. But life and death aside, this song barely makes sense. Priceless lines like “Macaulay Kulkin was in Home Alone” and “when I met you I said my name was Rich” and “Michael J. Fox was Alex P. Keaton” pop up with alarming frequency. Come to think of it, I don’t think anymore than half the lines in the verses actually string together in any way.

Sweatsuit wearing prison guard singing weird electro-pop?

Orange cargo pants!

Two things that suck: record scratching sounds in ever song and that weird vocal effect where it sounds like they’re on the radio. And as nostalgic as all this was, I prefer my music videos to be candy and sex themed acid trips.

“home boys banging out, all that ass hangin out”. Shes really got a thing for shooting shit out of her breasts.

I think the decision to go from sex, candy and being a teenager whose actually 27 to motivational, deep and encouraging was a bad one. Sure, you’ve got a fat chick taking her clothes off, a gay kid coming out, leukemia, domestic abuse, magic, all the stuff thats a fast track to perceived emotional depth, but I could really use less forced thoughtfulness and more partial nudity.

Anyways, thanks for reading/watching my long post. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite songs at the moment.
Twin Shadow- Shooting Holes

~ by Andrew Baer on November 11, 2010.

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