Sasquatch 2010

I unfortunately could only afford to go to one day of Sasquatch. I picked Sunday because it had both Pavement and LCD Soundsystem. I wish I could have been there for what I heard was an unexpectedly great Vampire Weekend set on Saturday and back to back shows by Japandroids and No Age on Monday, but Sunday was nonetheless pretty fantastic.

Caribou started the day off and was a far better live act than I expected. I expected Dan Snaith to crouch over a laptop while his backing band offered occasional support, but instead we got him jumping from keyboards to drums and everything in between, turning up the noise and volume on all of his songs. They got the crowd going more than the average 12:05 opener. From there I was disappointed by Local Natives and moderately pleased with Tallest Man On Earth’s cover of Paul Simon’s Graceland.

I headed over to the Yeti stage for Tune-Yards. She delivered a fun and incredibly energetic show, full of loop pedal virtuosity and impassioned shouts. Avi Buffalo followed her with another better than expected show. The frontman with a ridiculously long name delivered energetic vocals and guitar work and kept the small, Kid Cudi distracted crowd engaged for the full 40 minutes. I popped into the end of Kid Cudi to eat eight dollar yakisoba just in time to see him play Day and Night

The XX was nothing special as a live act. I enjoyed hearing all the songs live, but beyond that it was pretty average. I did randomly find a Canadian I met in a bar during the Olympics, which was a strange deja-vu experience.

Contrary to The XX, LCD Soundsystem is most definitely something special as a live act. The mainstage was packed to capacity for the entire set, quickly turning into one giant dance party that stretched all the way up the hill. James Murphy was incredibly charismatic and delivered what was easily the best set of the day. Pavement followed and was pretty average. I had a lot of fun because I love Pavement. The band seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves on stage and it was a pleasant and happy experience for any fan of the band. They played over their alloted time and had the legendary “fuck it” attitude thats so present in all their music. They were a good end to my already great day. I wish I could have stuck around for Massive Attack and Public Enemy, but I had to drive home and was already exhausted. I got what I came for and will definitely be present for all three days next year.

~ by Andrew Baer on June 1, 2010.

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