Its time to welcome Liars newest masterpiece into the world. Its as put together and as Drums Not Dead and as frenetic and passionate as Liars. Its dark and tense throughout, never letting up for a moment.

It paints a disturbing image of a world wrought with murder, loneliness, empty streets and empty people. Songs like Here Comes All The People feel like they’re going to fall apart just before they are tied back together. The music, as always, is simple yet incredibly effective at building tension. No note was neglected, everything is put together wonderfully. The album is a seamless string, taught with as much tension as it can bare.

It may not be nearly as good as Drums Not Dead, but it gets as close as it possibly can. Liars have made dramatic shifts in sound with every album. This may not be their biggest stylistic jump, but this is how they were supposed to sound.

~ by Andrew Baer on March 9, 2010.

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