World Sick

I narrowly missed a chance to see Broken Social Scene at the Vancouver Olympics Saturday night. We stopped to ask a women in a quickly growing line for directions, and she mentioned that she was there for a free concert. When asked what concert, she said “some band called Broken Social Scene I think.” No one else in my group cared, I missed out. It was still a great experience just to be up there during the Olympics, but if I’d had my way I would have stood in line for three hours and skipped the all night party that dominated the streets of North Vancouver.

Anyways, they have a new song and a new album coming out. I’m a fairly casual BSS fan, but I like new music and I like getting excited and inevitably let down by hyped up records because its fun. That said, the song is sprawling and excellent. It manages to avoid getting weighed down and feel like a breeze despite its seven minute running time. It just sounds big and epic the entire time. You can download the track at the BSS website

In other new music news, Soundpool is a good pick. They’re a funky, disco-y shoegaze band. The best combos are always the ones no one thinks of. Jon at Killer Pimp records is a wonderful person and sent me a couple 7″s and emailed me a download code. The 7″s are mine and you can’t have them, but I’m willing to share this with you.

~ by Andrew Baer on February 21, 2010.

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