Past Lives- Tapestry of Webs

I always feel guilty giving smaller bands less than stellar reviews and I feel even worse when they’re local. Past Lives are an inescapable fixture in Seattle. Their live show isn’t always great, but its never bad either. The album follows the same pattern; when it works it works pretty well and when it doesn’t its completely and utterly forgettable.

Every song focuses on a slow build but rarely do they reach their full potential. Songs like K-Hole and Hex Takes Hold both do a decent job, but they can’t offset the consistent mediocrity plaguing the rest of the album. Its very, very poorly arranged, making the songs fall even flatter than they normally would. The album never picks up the momentum its capable of.

I gave it a 6/10 in a more in depth review at No Ripcord, so thats what I’ll give it here. Some better arrangement, better self editing and avoiding putting Jordan Bliles lyrics center stage could have really improved it.

You can here the whole album for yourselves over at Past Lives website.

~ by Andrew Baer on February 19, 2010.

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