I’m seeing Radiohead in a week

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I could just post Radiohead songs, but I listen to other stuff too.
Dunes- Lonely Palm

Quakers- Smoke Featuring Jonwayne

The Shins- Bait and Switch

Sleep Party People- A Dark God Heart

Sharon Van Etten- Warsaw

Polica- Violent Games

Weird Dreams- Hurt So Bad

Gonjasufi- Venom

Daniel Rossen- Golden Mile

Radiohead- Polyethylene Parts 1 and 2

BAck 2 Schoo

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JapandroidsThe House That Heaven Built

KetaminesEvil Intentions

The Men Please Don’t Go Away

Cloud Nothings Stay Useless

Total ControlRetiree

Thee Oh SeesContraption/ Soul Desert

Ty Segall – Standing at the Station[Live Version]

Milk MusicBeyond Living




Stuff I listened to while doing homework.

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Nikels and Dimes- Gonjasufi

Remote View- Pete Swanson

WOR- Django Django

So Will Be Now- John Talabot Ft. Pional

The Individual- Spiritualized

Yes! I Am A Long Way From Home- Mogwai

So call me maybe!

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The worlds catchiest song.

Fuck It None Ya’ll Don’t Rap- Evian Christ

Stay Useless- Cloud Nothings

Final Impasse- Groundislava

Crime Time- Pop.1280

Amanaemonesia- Chairlift

So Far Away- A Place to Bury Strangers

Young Offenders- Constantines

Streetz Tonight- AraabMuzik

N’It’s Been A While

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Cloud NothingsWasted Days

Co LaVanity Plate [Full Album]

Crystal AntlersJules’ Story

Holy Ghost! Some Children [ft. Michael McDonald]

MazesVampire Jive

Thee Oh SeesContraption/ Soul Desert

The WeekndD.D.

Yamantaka // Sonic TitanHoshi Neko

T. RexCosmic Dancer



Songs That Sound Like Coming Home By Diddy Dirty Money

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First of all, I can’t think of many names worse than Diddy Dirty Money. Maybe Staind, or Airborne Toxic Event…anyways, lately I’ve been noticing songs that sound like Coming Home:

The Black Eyed Peas have a song that sounds like it. They have a song that sounds like everyone, but still. The songs came out right about the same time, so it can’t be added to the list of the BEP’s many plagiarism suits.

Now I’m watching a mediocre Brosnan Bond movie, and the beginning of the Madonna theme song sounds like it too.

That’s all I can think of, so its really not that many. I just heard all of them today, so I guess it was on my mind.

The Antlers in 2011

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I didn’t love Burst Apart at first. I gave it a mediocre review over at No Ripcord (http://www.noripcord.com/reviews/music/antlers/burst-apart). Its something I definitely underrated. I still don’t find it as powerful as Hospice, but its a less emotionally draining listen. Its easier to get through and, while certainly not a happy album, doesn’t leave me depressed for a few hours afterwards. This post was really just meant to about their solid cover of the XX’s VCR. So here’s that.


I’d also like to mention that the new Atlas Sound record is wonderful (http://www.noripcord.com/reviews/music/atlas-sound/parallax) . Somebody already disagrees with me, but that’s okay. At least he’s not calling me a piece of shit for disagreeing with him.